Anne Baring: The Effects of two polarizing Mythologies

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AnneBaringThe Feminine Archetype associated with Nature, Soul, Body and Matter was split off from Spirit

Thinking was dissociated from feeling
Nature and the Earth were no longer sacred
Nature was effectively desouled
Man was identified with Spirit.
Woman was identified with Nature.
Woman became subject to Man, giving rise to the misogyny that still afflicts us.
Body was split off from mind and mind from soul.
From AD 418 Church Doctrine taught that sexual intercourse transmitted the sin of the Fall.

This radical imbalance became incorporated into the social customs and deeply entrenched beliefs of different societies. Because of it patriarchal civilization developed an unbalanced and overwhelmingly masculine character. Within the psyche, the conscious ego – identified with the archetype of the hero – became increasingly separated from the matrix of the instinctual soul from which it had emerged.  As time went on, it became more and more inflated and omnipotent until its detachment is now complete and it no longer has any awareness of or relationship with the matrix of Nature out of which it has evolved.


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