CG Jung on anima and animus

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“The archetype is a force. It has an autonomy and it can suddenly seize you. It is like a seizure. Falling in love at first sight is something like that. You see, you have a certain image in yourself, without knowing it, of woman, of the woman. Then you see that girl, or at least a good imitation of your type and instantly you get a seizure and you are gone.

And afterwards you may discover that it was a hell of a mistake. A man is quite able, he is intelligent enough, to see that the woman of his “choice”, as one says, was no choice, he has been caught! He sees that she is no good at all, that she is a hell of a business, and he tells me so. He says: “For God’s sake, doctor, help me to get rid of that woman!” He can’t, though, he is like clay in her fingers.
That is the archetype, the archetype of the anima.

It’s the same with the girls. When a man sings very high, a girl things he must have a very wonderful spiritual character because he can sing high C, and she is badly disappointed when she marries that particular number. Well, that’s the archetype of the animus.”

C.G. Jung

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