I have known Michelle for a number of years now. We met on a dream course some time ago and have remained in contact during that time fairly regularly. I have taken a few sessions with Michelle online regarding my dreams at various times and found her approach to dreamwork absolutely amazing!
Michelle has a beautiful intuitive approach to dreams, which I find incredibly supportive and insightful….she also has a deep wisdom and understanding which goes far beyond anyone else I have ever known. I find her ability to interpret signs, symbols and messages and skilful approach to dreamwork phenomenal and always feel a profound inner connection to myself after working with her.
I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone.  I also highly value her soft, gentle approach…hinting at suggestions rather than stating a fact. I absolutely love every aspect of Michelle’s attitude and ability to understand and interpret dreams.  
Michelle is not only a skilled dream worker but also a beautiful soul….I am honoured to be given the opportunity to write a testimonial for her.

With much love and blessings
— Saila Wood