Billions of little things

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Art: Sue Halstenberg

You do not fool me, you know,
With these words that judge, criticize, accuse, condemn.
Indignation: in that word, you know
I see a profound fear,
And in your eyes, a huge well of sadness,
the same fear, the same sadness as under other skies elsewhere
You clench your fists, I see,
You feel as helpless as I do.

I want to act for, rather than fight against.
I’m working hard,
and it’s not easy, believe me,
no longer to fuel this violence
that feeds on every little thing we consider trivial,
so trivial that even some silences help it.
If we are not careful,
This violence will increase
For we are billions, you see
And it feeds on our billions of little things.
My heart is sad, you know, so sad,
And my sorrow has no color, no religion no country.

I’m so tired, you know,
I dream of another world
Where something different would feed on little things,
billions of little things that are so important
Something big, and beautiful, that would help us
To beat a path
Through violence and the horror that goes with it.
Something We would call Love or Compassion
And would leave as legacy to future generations
Is that not your dream too?

— Michèle Le Clech

version française

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